Wednesday, June 1, 2011


SCHOOL IS OVER! summer is here!

this is pretty much what ive done so far this summer:
-learned how to do "flips" into the pool
-longboarding (im getting one next week!)

-worked out cause i want a 6pack summer!

-got some new shades


-lego towers to the ceiling

-cut down stumps the tree

yep stumps is the tree me and my friends like to climb. cant climb that anymore

gotta love headstands

my lego tower!

this is gonna be a pretty sweet summer. i have girls camp then utah and later a cruise! so excited! i left my camera at my friends house so i dont have as many pictures but once i get it back ill have a ton so i can post again!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


im learning to do photoshop. its really fun. heres a picture that i edited:

haha the people are gone! much better :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Life Lately

wow its been a long time since ive posted.i've been busy with school and stuff. so here's the update.

um well i like most of my classes. my best friend tauna is in everyone of my classes so thats pretty cool and we sit next to each other in all of them but one class. all my teachers like me a lot. my favorite class is science because we get to choose our seats and we're the teachers favorite table because we talk to him a lot. he didn't even care when my whole table was late cuz we ran around the whole school to see if we could make it. we didnt by 15 seconds. Advanced Drama is so much fun. our play is coming up soon so im excited.

nothin much, except for Bailey and her leg. heres a pic of her:
we also went to st george to see court and dan. daniel is quite the model.
last week we had a scary movie marathon. we watched 4 scary movies in 24 hours and 3 of those movies were right in a row. we watched the sixth sense, but that was probably the scariest one. we also watched one about spiders and now i'm always on the lookout for them. the highlight of that'night though had to be going to the video store in our pjs and high heels. no one really noticied.'about a month ago my friends and i got all cute and took pics. we took A LOT. here are some of my favorites:my hair... it took forever.we were in the coolest place.these two are my favorite ones.
so thats pretty much it. im so excited to go to AZ for thanksgiving! and to see HARRY POTTER 7!

Friday, July 30, 2010

summer = almost over :(

i've had such a fun summer this year, but unfortunately its almost over. a little less than two weeks til school. here are some of my favorite pics of the summer:king bugsy
the pool!
GIANT water balloons
tree climbing
being high up in treesfalling out of not so high trees
pool parties!
pool jumping
ice cream!
more pool jumping!!

so its seems i've had a pretty good summer, but still not long enough. at least school means new clothes and shoes. yeaaa!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


a few days ago i got back from girls camp. it was so much fun and spiritual.
this was in the parking lot waiting to leave.

i let karly sleep in my bunk because she wasnt feeling good and the ycl cabin is really crowded. so i slept with andie in her bed the first night. the next night i was going to sleep in taunas bunk with her until we hung up these glowsticks and moths swarmed, so we decided to sleep on the floor. the last night me and lindsay slept in my bunk. every night i stayed up until at least two and every night me, andie and tuana were the last one to go to bed (usually like and hour or two after everyone else.) everyone had to get up at 730 every morning so i didnt get much sleep, but it was worth it.
about a minute after i took this picture like 5 moths landed on the glowsticks.

below is tauna and gillian!

me and tauna, gillians fingers are in it too.

all of the second years went on a hike and at the the end was alittle lake to go canoeing and kayaking. me and gillian went kayaking together. it was so much fun, but we kept on getting wet from the paddles.
on the last day i got to go rock climbing and do the zipline. the rock climbing was hard for me (even though i am usually really good at rock climbing, you should of seen me in AZ) because i did a wall that slants, so you need upper arm strength. i dont have that much because of my shoulder. i still made it to the top though.

next i did the zip line. above i am getting all of the gear on. below im climbing up th pole to get to the top of the zipline.

i was so nervous my first time because you have to just jump off the platform and it was so high. i didnt even think about it. the second time i went i wasnt scared at all. it was really fun.
all my friends went on the zipline too. below is tauna making a wierd face. it made me laugh so hard.

we had to wait in line forever so we took lots of pictures. this is sierra and her friend analyse (my friend too) and andie.
i love this picture!i got a lot of notes at camp. it was really fun going through them all and reading them.
my favorite part of camp was the last night when we had testimony meeting.that was a moment i will never forget. before the ward testiomony meeting all the girls got letters from their dad. my dads made me cry. i dont really know why. i guess i just missed him. during the meeting everyone in the whole room was crying including me. at least i didnt cry during my testimony i just cryed before and after. it was a really good experience for me.
my other favorite part of girls camp was coming home. it was nice to see seth,my mom, and dad again. i slept the whole way from camp, then took several naps at home. the next morning i slept i til 1100. a new personal record! i guess i caught up on all the sleep i missed out on.
wow this is a long post. its been like an hour since i started it. but girls camp was worth it. i cant wait for it next year!